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Lowe Army Heliport

Home to the UH-60 Blackhawk

Army fleet Support, Lowe Field operations provide maintenance support for the training program of the 1-212th Aviation Regiment in training the next generation of our Army’s Aviation War Fighters. The 1-212th provides program of instruction in the UH-60A and M Model aircraft for Flight School XXI, Advanced Aircraft Qualification (AQC), and the Maintenance Test Pilot Course (MTPC), both undergraduate and graduate. Army Fleet Support provides support for three launch periods, and scheduled/unscheduled maintenance (AVIM and limited Depot level maintenance) for the largest fleet of UH-60 aircraft in the Army. This support is provided 24 hours a day and seven days a week across three shifts of operation.

The UH-60A Black Hawk is the primary division-level transport helicopter, providing dramatic improvements in troop capacity and cargo lift capability compared to the UH-1 Series "Huey" it replaces. The UH-60A, with a crew of three, can lift an entire 11-man fully-equipped infantry squad in most weather conditions. It can be configured to carry four litters, by removing eight troop seats, in the MedEval role. Both the pilot and co-pilot are provided with armor-protective seats. Protective armor on the Black Hawk can withstand hits from 23mm shells. The Black Hawk has a cargo hook for external lift missions. The Black Hawk has provisions for door mounting of two M60D 7.62mm machine guns on the M144 armament subsystem, and can disperse chaff and infrared jamming flares using the M130 general purpose dispenser. The Black Hawk has a composite titanium and fiberglass four-bladed main rotor, is powered by two T700-GE-700 1622 shp turboshaft engines, and has a speed of 163 mph (142 knots).

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